Artist’s Statement

My latest works are “sculpture pictures” which represent archetypal elements from Finnish nature and areas of dispersed settlement. These everyday surroundings work as a source for contemplative art practice. The sculpture – made from ink and paper – also illustrate the interconnectedness of ideas, images, imagination and concrete reality. I draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including traditional wooden architecture of Finland and Japan, environmental literature, Zen Buddhist practices and thought, digital and photographic methods of imaging, minimalism and conceptual art.

My earlier artistic practice was set in the continuum of systemic and minimal abstract painting. In most of my paintingsĀ the production of a piece has been a very systematic one: a preordained simple compositional element, like a straight line or a dot, is repeated on a surface in a certain way using a brush or other applicable tools. Painting by hand creates a natural-like composition as a byproduct of the systematic painting act. The painter has to maintain a certain level of alertness to succeed; painting with ink does not give much chance for correction. Thus the process of painting serves as a practice of balanced concentration for the creator. The paintings also aim to cultivate a state of focusedĀ observation in the viewer and can be considered as “meditative painting”.