Artist’s Statement

My recent work consists of ink drawings/paintings and animation. They draw influence from various sources: Late Modern era cartography and exploration, Romantic era mountain landscapes, satellite images and East Asian landscape painting, iconography and philosophy. In addition, I practice with text and calligraphy. Since 2005 I have also been a student of Zen Buddhism, a practice like art, that penetrates all aspects of life.

There have been several developments in my artistic practice during the years. I previously worked with what I called “sculpture pictures” which represented archetypal elements from Finnish nature and areas of dispersed settlement. The sculpture – made with ink and paper – was drawing in three-dimensional space illustrating the interconnectedness of ideas, images, imagination and concrete reality.

My earliest artistic practice was set in the continuum of systemic and minimal abstract painting. In most of my paintings from that time the production of a piece was a very systematic one: a preordained simple compositional element, like a straight line or a dot, was repeated on a surface in a certain way using a brush or other applicable tools. Painting by hand creates a natural-like composition as a byproduct of the systematic painting act. The painter has to maintain a certain level of alertness to succeed; painting with ink does not give much chance for correction. Thus the process of painting served as a practice of balanced concentration for the creator. The paintings also aim to cultivate a state of focused¬†observation in the viewer and can be considered as “meditative painting”.

A common nominator for all of my work over the years has been the aim to interpret and combine the practices of Western and East Asian philosophy and art.